Thursday 15 March 2018

A take-away breakfast

This week, and next, I won’t be cooking in my kitchen. I am helping a chef and friend, who is launching his second cookbook, with the photoshoot of his food. As I have been cooking with him and leaving very early in the morning, I take my breakfast with me to make sure that I have a good start. 

One of my choices of breakfast I’ve already posted here: a recipe for Bircher muesli. To be honest the way I make it always changes a bit depending on what I have at home. This week I have made the muesli with 75g of oats, 150ml of kefir, 60ml of apple juice (you can also use oat milk), half grated apple,
a squeeze of lemon juice, 25g walnuts, a pinch of cinnamon and ½ tbsp. of chia seeds, soaked overnight. As I mentioned on my previous post on Bircher muesli, soaking the grains and nuts overnight reduces the indigestible phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors. This process improves the digestion and absorption of the nutrients in this muesli loaded with fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.

In the morning I just added mixed berries, black grapes and a few more chopped pecan nuts. To increase the vitamin C content, I also added ¼ teaspoon of vitamin C powder (Pure Radiance) - made from wild berries, berries and sprouts. If you want your muesli slightly sweeter you can drizzle some raw honey or maple syrup over it. Pour more kefir if needed. It serves 1-2.

I won’t be able to post next week but I will return the week after with some new recipe ideas.

See you in two weeks’ time! 

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